Author: Mark Magoon

Mark Magoon is a poet, writer, and educator. He is the author of The Upper Peninsula Misses You (ELJ Editions, 2015) and his work--which has been nominated for Best of the Net and the Pushcart Prize--has appeared in Burrow Press, DIAGRAM, Midwestern Gothic, The Nervous Breakdown and elsewhere. Magoon teaches writing at University of Illinois at Chicago and makes home in the Windy City along with his wife and their bulldog. Follow him on Twitter @MarkPMagoon and on his website

Ron Rash Turns the Voices and Forests of Appalachia into Pure Music

Ron Rash’s Poems: New and Selected acts as interpreter, cryptographer, and historiographer. His poetry transcends hundreds of years—familial history forgotten, misread, and unknown. His makes a stubborn and unchanging place accessible to us, to family that forgot, and to anyone who looks to one day return to a place they miss. Ron Rash sees the American South as only a mystic preacher and time traveler can, and he’s damn sure worth listening to.