Who We Are


“I love the Chicago Review of Books.”
—Jeff VanderMeer

—Chad W. Post, Open Letter Books

—Breitbart News


The Chicago Review of Books is a publication of StoryStudio Chicago dedicated to making the literary conversation more inclusive by covering diverse genres, presses, voices, and mediums; shining a light on Chicago’s literary scene; and serving as a forum for literature in the Midwest. In partnership with Yale Climate Connections, we cover the latest trends in climate fiction via Amy Brady’s monthly “Burning Worlds” column.

Our sister publication Arcturus publishes original fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

Our logo was designed by Chicago’s own Tiny Bold Creative from a concept by Erin Morgan. The owl’s name is Gwen.


Email us at chireviewofbooks (at) gmail (dot) com.

We’re currently moving offices, so we’ll update this space with a new mailing address ASAP.


Editorial Staff
Adam MorganEditor-in-Chief
Kristen RaddatzAssociate Editor
Amy BradySenior Editor & Burning Worlds Columnist
Ruben QuesadaContributing Editor & Dear Poetry Editor Columnist
Rafia Zakaria – Contributing Editor & Columnist
Sara Cutaia Editor-at-Large & Arcturus EIC
Aram Mrjoian Editor-at-Large, Fiction
Greer Macallister – Editor-at-Large, Historical Fiction & Lit on Screen

Contributing Writers
Devi Bhaduri
Sarah Blake
Bradley Babendir
Tobias Carroll
Aaron Coats
Brian Evenson
Michael Fournier
Amy Giacalone
Jessica Gross
Yasmin Gunaratnam
Dana Hansen
Sarah Huener
Rachel León
Dean Jobb
Lincoln Michel
Timothy Moore
Eliot Peper
Lori Rader-Day
Kathleen Rooney
Rabeea Saleem
Bradley Sides
Amber Sparks
Jeff VanderMeer
Neyat Yohannes

Interns Past & Present
Yosan Alemu
Miranda Malinowski
Christiana Jones
Nora Grubb


The Chicago Review of Books could not exist without the financial support of these individuals. Interested in becoming a patron? Click here.

Dean Jobb  (Author of Empire of Deception)

All rights reserved, StoryStudio Chicago (2018).

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    My name is Michael Smith. I work for Chicago Public Library in the Acquisition Division. We would like to order five copies of:

    I need to know if we send you a purchase order. Once you ship and bill us for books. You would receive a check in about three weeks.
    You will need to send us a W-9 form. Do you charge for shipping?

    If you have any questions please be free to contact me?


  4. William Booker

    How do I get a book reviewed?

    Liked by 1 person


      Hi Adam:

      I need to know if you received payment below:

      Payment Status Payment Date Payment Amount $60.00 Check #42343641 Negotiable 31-Aug-2018

      Please contact me please me.

      Telephone number is 312-747-5325.


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