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New Poetry From Dujie Tahat, “after Gwendolyn Brooks”

From the digital pages of 'Arcturus' magazine, our sister publication.

New poetry from Dujie Tahat, excerpted from Arcturus magazine, April 2018.

colossus, with cranes in the sky

after Gwendolyn Brooks

I had to watch the law ride away on a bicycle
in order to speak openly about hunger
with a quiet man in all the clothes he owned
sitting next to me on a park bench
near the fading federal courthouse
where my lawyer asked me
about the details of my case

on the elevator ride down.
It’s amazing how many euphemisms
for deportation you can fit in a single elevator

ride. By the time the man next to me
offers me his sandwich, my lawyer
is long gone.

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Chrissy Martin is a poetry MFA candidate at Columbia College Chicago and will begin her PhD at Oklahoma State University in the fall. She is an Editor for Columbia Poetry Review and manages the journal’s blog and social media. She is also an Editorial Assistant for RHINO Poetry and the Poetry Editor for Arcturus Magazine. She is a graduate of The University of Akron where she received her BA in English with minors in Creative Writing, Women’s Studies, and Popular Literature and Film. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Amazon's Day One, LUMINA and Small Po[r]tions.

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