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Check Out the Spring Issue of ‘Arcturus’

Check Out the Spring Issue of ‘Arcturus’

A lot changed during Arcturus‘s first spring issue. First, we changed our theme: after launching with a focus on place-based writing, we now embrace a much wider editorial mission: new perspectives. New ideas, new voices, new worlds, new challenges, new ways of seeing, etc. — a theme that can take an infinite number of shapes, including speculative fiction, experimental poetry, political essays, narrative reportage, and virtually everything else.

Then in February, Arcturus held its inaugural writing contest, where winners received prizes of $100 for fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, along with forthcoming interviews at the CHIRB this summer about their work. The contest was a huge success, and we look forward to holding it again! Finally, Sara Cutaia (that’s me) was named Arcturus editor-in-chief by the magazine’s founder and publisher, Adam Morgan.

In the Spring Issue, Arcturus published a wide range of writing: post-election dystopian fiction; nuanced poetry that studies inner and outer turmoil; and essays that explore race, gender and belonging.


Dreamlives of Debris” by Lance Olsen (excerpt)

Selections from ‘Dx’” by Carrie Kahler
Into the Monochrome” by Mark Magoon

The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records” by Scott Blackwood


Selections from ‘Who Is She//Legend’” by Anna Keeler
Television Celebrity” by Gray Clark
Another Episode” by Dominic Scopa

Seven Years to Zero” by Amy Benson (excerpt)

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Contest Winners

The Republic of Kansas” by Amanda Kabak (winner)
The Heart is a Many-Roomed Palace” by Nina Sudhakar (finalist)
Honeymoon in Temporary Locations” by Ashely Shelby (finalist)
The Fall of Rabbi Gold” by Evan McMurry (finalist)

Land of Light” by Frank Light (winner)
House of the Rising Sun” by Kailee Marie Pedersen
The Sound of Clouds” by Mina Hamedi

Sinkholes of Florida & Others” by Erica Bernheim (winner)
Dress // Break Up With Your Shitty Boyfriend” by Luke Shwartz (finalist)
Woman in Blue Combing Her Hair // Snegurochka” by Kailee Marie Pedersen
Dreamscape with Birds, With Childbirth // Red Hour, Red Kitchen” by Jessica Cogar (finalist)

One of the first literary magazines to be hosted entirely on Medium, Arcturus magazine is our sister publication of writing of new perspectives. Submit your work today.

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