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A Preview of This Month’s C2E2: Chicago’s Comic-Con

A Preview of This Month’s C2E2: Chicago’s Comic-Con

Photo courtesy of C2E2.

Yes, Chicago has a comics convention, just like San Diego and New York. Every spring since 2010, tens of thousands of people (70,000 at last count) have flocked to McCormick Place for the massive convention, where hundreds of comic book, television, film, and pop culture celebrities, writers, artists, and fans gather to celebrate, network, and buy cool stuff. (Sorry, that was three serial lists in one sentence, but there’s a lot going on at this thing.)

This year’s C2E2 (Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo) is only two weeks away (April 21-23), and we’ve got some exciting coverage of the event planned. But this week, on our partnering web series Chuck Load of Comics, Chicago comics-lovers Chuck and Shauna give you an extensive preview of this year’s C2E2 below. Whether you’re a convention expert, a first-timer who’s only recently gotten into comics, or just someone who loves pop culture, Chuck and Shauna will guide you through this year’s craziness, including:

  • 10 Tips for Attending C2E2
  • Who’s Coming (Comics, Literary, and Entertainment Stars)
  • Must-See Panels
  • Navigating Artist Alley
  • And more!
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