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Arcturus Magazine: Issue #2, October 2016

Arcturus Magazine: Issue #2, October 2016

“Lost in Colorado II” by Jason Brueck

Issue #2 of Arcturus magazine is now complete, and a few themes emerged over the course of October. One was the shifting of seasons as the earth tilts back on its heels and the nights grow long and sharp. Another was the incursion of nature into the realms of man, and vice versa, and why that dichomoty is an illusion.

“Above Derwent” and “Coleslaw / Slaw Slaw” by William Doreski
“Braving It” by Sarah Wolbach
“How to Survive the Winter” by Ting Gou

“Glaushaus” by Madeline Kobbo and Miles Klee
Excerpt: By Gaslight by Steven Price
Excerpt: The Blind Astronomer’s Daughter by John Pipkin

“An Orange County Almanac” by Jason M. Brown

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