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Introducing ‘Arcturus,’ Our New Literary Magazine of Place-Based Writing

Introducing ‘Arcturus,’ Our New Literary Magazine of Place-Based Writing

Today, the Chicago Review of Books is launching a sister publication called Arcturus, an online literary magazine featuring fiction, flash fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and hybrid genres.

Arcturus is hosted on Medium, where we’ll publish original and excerpted work year-round (at least one new piece per week). Like the Chicago Review of Books, Arcturus is dedicated to diverse voices, genres, settings, and ideas in the work we publish.

What We Publish
Arcturus has no restrictions on the writers or content we publish, but we’re passionate about publishing new perspectives — new ideas, new voices, new worlds, new challenges, new ways of seeing, etc. — a theme that can take an infinite number of shapes, including speculative fiction, experimental poetry, political essays, narrative reportage, and virtually everything else. For original, previously unpublished work, we only ask for First North American Serial Rights (i.e., to be the first publication in North America to publish it), after which the rights return to you. However, we also accept and solicit excerpts from longer works that are published or forthcoming elsewhere (e.g., books and collections).

How to Submit Your Work
Visit the submit page.

Name and Imagery
The name Arcturus comes from the star in the constellation Boötes, the light from which was used to open the 1933 “Century of Progress” World’s Fair in Chicago. The light had traveled through space for roughly 40 years, beginning its journey when the previous Chicago world’s fair opened in 1893.

The Arcturus logo depicts the Federal Building at the 1933 world’s fair, as seen in the expo’s original promotional poster. The header image is a photograph of Halley’s Comet (public domain), taken in 1910 by the University of Chicago’s Yerkes Observatory (the same observatory where the light from Arcturus was detected at the 1933 world’s fair).


Editor in Chief
Sara Cutaia

Fiction Editor
Rachel Leon

Fiction Editor
Amy Giacalone

See Also

Creative Nonfiction Editor
Sophie Amado

Poetry Editor
Chrissy Martin

Founder + Publisher
Adam Morgan

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