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Welcome to the Chicago Review of Books

Welcome to the Chicago Review of Books

Chicago’s first public library, 1872, inside a circular water tank at LaSalle and Adams, filled with over 8,000 books donated by the people of Great Britain in response to the Great Chicago Fire.

I know what you’re thinking. “Another literary review? What absolute taraddidle!”

But hear us out. The Chicago Review of Books is a new, independent literary review dedicated to cultivating awareness of diverse voices, settings, genres, and ideas in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, comics, and anything else that’s printed on paper.

Diverse Voices. We believe literary criticism should engage with writers from all continents and cultures. We believe independent, university, and small presses deserve a larger place in the cultural conversation alongside the Big Five.

Diverse Settings. While we do feature many Chicago-based stories, writers, and publications, the Chicago Review of Books is as untethered to city limits as the New York Review of Books and the Los Angeles Review of Books. We aim for 30% Chicago, 70% everywhere else.

Diverse Genres. We don’t believe in the antiquated distinction between “literary” and “genre” fiction. We read an eclectic mix of books and will never compliment a title by saying it “transcends the genre.”

Diverse Ideas. We seek to explore the connections between literature, current events, and pop culture. Our contributors are as diverse as the books we cover, from established authors, journalists, and writing professors to students and freelance critics.

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