This Chicago Rapper Teamed Up With A Bookstore To Announce His New Album

Vic Mensa left a literary scavenger hunt for fans of "The Autobiography."

How cool is this? Vic Mensa, one of Chicago’s biggest hip-hop stars, announced his debut album on Twitter yesterday with this tweet:

That’s right…Vic visited an independent bookstore and record shop in Chicago’s Avondale neighborhood, Bucket O’Blood, and left behind a scavenger hunt for fans. In each of the books listed above, Vic left a bookmark with track listing that included the featured artists joining him on the album, like Weezer, Pharrell, and fellow Chicago rapper Chief Keef.

Vic Mensa also revealed the album’s cover art with a “book cover” that one lucky fan snagged at the bookstore:

Vic Mensa’s first full-length album “The Autobiography” debuts July 28, but you can preorder it right now.

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