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The Batman v Superman We Deserve: Why Zack Snyder Used the Wrong Source Material

Enough digital ink has been spilled over the awfulness of Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but allow me to add a drop of a different color. While most critics have focused on the lack of character motivation, the skimpy writing, the overwhelmingly complicated plot, the poor direction, the bland score, too much time devoted to setting up future features, and the overwhelming sense of gloom and cynicism, few have focused on the source material that led to this cinematic disaster and how this work became so poorly translated.


Searching for the Mind-Body Connection: A Conversation with Jo Marchant

Jo Marchant is no ordinary scientist, having written on everything from the future of genetic engineering to understanding archaeology for New Scientist, Nature, the Guardian, and Smithsonian. Last month, I spoke with Marchant about her most recent book, Cure: A Journey Into the Science of Mind Over Body, which provides an in-depth, eye-opening look at the mind-body connection.


How Matthew Baker Infused If You Find This with Mystery, Math and Music

“Dress to kill” for the 2016 Edgar Awards, says the Mystery Writers of America. This year’s ceremony (named after Edgar Allan Poe) on April 28 in New York boasts a shortlist of nearly 50 nominated novels, short stories, nonfiction books, and TV episodes for a grand total of 14 awards. One of the five books nominated in the Best Juvenile category is Matthew Baker’s If You Find This, his debut middle grade novel released last March.


Interview: Matt de la Peña on Diversity in Children’s Literature

For the first time ever, a picture book won the 2016 Newbery Medal for “the most distinguished American children’s book published the previous year.” Also for the first time, a Hispanic writer took home the award—Brooklyn’s Matt de la Peña, author of Last Stop of Market Street. Illustrated by Christian Robinson, it’s the story of an African-American boy and his grandmother finding beauty in their surroundings as they ride a bus through a gritty cityscape.