Cover Reveal of ‘Waiting for the Night Song’

A reveal of Julie Carrick Dalton's debut novel cover.

Waiting for the Night Song is the forthcoming debut novel of Julie Carrick Dalton. Forthcoming from Forge Books in early 2021, the book mixes mystery with pointed (but beautifully written) commentary about the natural world. Below is a Q&A with the author about what she hopes readers take away from the novel–and a reveal of the book’s gorgeous cover.

Amy Brady

In your own words, how would you describe your forthcoming novel?

Julie Carrick Dalton

At its heart, Waiting for the Night Song is about a deep childhood friendship that’s shattered by a dark secret. The story follows two young girls, Cadie and Daniela, through a summer full of adventure and minor misdeeds until a traumatic event drives them apart. Decades later, when a body is unearthed in the woods, Cadie and Daniela come back together to face the comeuppance of their childhood mistakes and misconceptions. When they return home as adults, their small town is facing drought, invasive species, species extinction, and the looming threat of wildfire—all of which are linked to the slowly rising temperature. While trying to piece together what really happened in those woods decades earlier, Cadie and Daniela have to confront the harm they caused and find a way to move forward without endangering anyone else. For me, Waiting for the Night Song is a celebration of running wild through the woods, discovering hidden places, and sharing secrets. It’s about the complexities of friendship and loyalty. And it’s a reminder that we need to show more respect to this planet and the creatures that inhabit it.

Amy Brady

What do you love most about your cover design?

Julie Carrick Dalton

The first thing that jumps out at me is the color, which I love. I’ve always dreamed this book in purple, so it just feels right. The pink and purple ombre washes over the photo with a bit of magic, like the playfulness and sense of wonder Cadie and Daniela shared when they were young. But the impending nightfall also hints at coming darkness and things unseen. My favorite element of the cover design is the quiet flurry of sparks and the wisp of a flame near the bottom. To me, these elements conjure images of fairy dust the girls might have imagined when they were playing in the forest. At the same time, the shower of sparks also reminds me of the very real threat of wildfire and unrest looming over the town. I love that Katie Klimowicz, my fantastic cover designer, managed to capture both a sense of wonder and a fear of the unknown in the same image.

Amy Brady

What do you hope readers take away from your book? Everything is connected.

Julie Carrick Dalton

Every action has a consequence. From a fistful of stolen blueberries to a broken blood oath. From US military intervention and deforestation in Central America in the 1980s, to the loss of a tiny New England songbird. Even an insular agricultural town in New Hampshire feels the consequences of hurricanes in the Caribbean. I hope readers will walk away thinking about how even our smallest actions can have unexpected and profound impacts on distant shores—or in our own backyards.


The cover reveal…

About Amy Brady

Amy Brady is the Editor-in-Chief of the Chicago Review of Books and Deputy Publisher of Guernica Magazine. Her writing has appeared in Oprah, The Village Voice, Pacific Standard, The New Republic, McSweeney's, and elsewhere. Follow her on Twitter at @ingredient_x.

4 comments on “Cover Reveal of ‘Waiting for the Night Song’

  1. Ellen Fettig

    Beautiful cover Katie Klimowicz! You always had the fairy dust! So proud of you!

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  2. Cathy Engbring

    I have followed Katie Klimowicz for years. She is so way beyond amazing. I will read this book for sure.

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  3. I am really looking forward to reading the book, and the cover is such a lovely tease!

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  4. What a beautiful cover, and this books sounds so intriguing. Looking forward to reading it.

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